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Bitcoin 2018

Green cryptocurrency is set to rise in 2018 because it will incentivize innovation, sustainability, and environmentally conscious purchases and counter the problem of non-renewable resources. It seems likely that the major industries will start incorporating blockchains as a centralized, reliable data pool that is comparable and transparent and safe. Etherium, which already does this by not only providing a platform for payments, but also processes is gaining a lot of interest and savvy from companies like BP, Microsoft and UBS. This appears to indicate its inevitable, larger mainstream adoption. Large-scale corporations have started embracing block chains to maintain and manage their complex supply-chains. The same blockchain can also be used to track environmental data like carbon emission points, waste reduction ratios etc. in financial terms. This move towards a sustainable transaction will also encourage consumers to switch over to it and support it because it’s more green and ethical. With global warming and environmental degradation on the rise, corporations are moving to a healthier, greener approach to their business dealings and offerings and blockchain is well integrated into that mindset and philosophy. There have been noted attempts at greener crypto with GENERcoin, a crypto coin that can be traded for biofuels and EnergyCoin which is like a community currency and SolarCoins which come with solar energy-certificates. But nothing has caught on that successfully yet. To fully harness the long-term green potential of cryptocurrency, it makes sense to target the production itself. Crypto mining should be waste reductive and renewable as to save energy and power. It needs to be rectified at the source and that’s where companies like 4NEW come in who are dedicated to producing energy efficient and carbon footprint conscious cryptocurrency. In 2018, a lot many energy companies will leverage the peer-to-peer blockchain mechanism to exchange environmental related lifecycle data. This will be a huge up for the crypto movement. The green cryptocurrencies can also be used to make the consumers more environmentally responsible and incentivize them for being that way. This can be done by offering them green cryptocurrencies for being energy efficient, by verifying their green practices like using energy efficient lighting or electrical vehicles over blockchain. Similarly corporations could also pitch in, offer and incentivize green practices. 2018 is set to make big changes in the global approach and policies. If everything goes well, it could change the game as we know it.

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