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Hi, I'm Varun Datta

Founder of 4NEW

Varun Datta is an Indian born, United Kingdom based entrepreneur with extensive business experience across different continents like Asia, Europe and North America. His deep knowledge and penchant for supply chain analysis under different verticals like waste, energy, healthcare and real estate have turned him into a holistic, all-round business expert and consultant on how to grow and expand internationally. Varun is an advocate for animal rights, horses are his favorite. In his spare time, he plays Polo in the UK.

Varun founded 4NEW, a Waste to Energy Company focused on production and provision of electricity to power the mining of popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, on September 2017. The business model focuses on revenue generation from free energy, produced by processing waste. It’s modern, disruptive in a space where the conservative view is to produce the cheapest possible currency for usage. By enabling this model Varun has opened doors for users who seek renewable production along with an unparalleled competitive advantage, compared to all other players in the mining industry.

For his novel, ground breaking efforts in crypto-production, Varun was conferred with the Mahatma Gandhi Leadership Award for outstanding services, achievements and contributions in conjunction with the NRI Welfare Society of India. Varun attended the ceremony on April 19th at the British House of Lords during the Global Convention of NRIs at the British Parliament. A recent address by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi said “NRIs and overseas Indians have been our brand ambassadors since decades. They are showcasing the image of India by culture, tradition and skills and style of life, while dwelling in foreign countries.” Varun Datta seems to be at the forefront of the new-age, forward-thinking NRI, as the symbol of modern India’s indomitable and boundary pushing entrepreneurial spirit.

At the awards ceremony, Mr Datta shared his vision with other honorees and dignified guests at the convention. “We believe that this is one of the most innovative applications of waste-to-energy today and I couldn’t be more proud of our team who has worked tirelessly to deliver this solution to the community at breakneck speed.” Despite a series of warnings issued by the central banks that digital currency is risky and unregulated investment, interest in Bitcoin in India is rapidly on the rise. Although the crypto currency is known for its volatility, it has gained appeal along with other virtual currencies following India’s demonetization move last year. Among the youth especially, Bitcoin is gaining fast popularity because of expectations of getting high returns in a quick amount of time. Its rapid rise has drawn millions of new Indian investors, which is boosting the demand even further. The fear of missing out on this global watershed movement for how we perceive and exchange currency is gaining strong traction among the Indian populous. In this fevered frenzy, men like Varun Datta are stepping to the fore by developing new and exciting and renewable ways to generate crypto-currencies and this should be an encouraging indication for the Indian investors. Perhaps, in the near future, seeing the immense demand for this technology and successful ventures run by Indians abroad, the Indian government will open its eyes and possibly take the validity and power of crypto-currency more seriously and consider making it mainstream, locally. Varun personally believes in the power of crypto and its enormous investment potential in future and hopes that the Indian government and banks come to this realization as well. With the possible advent of crypto in India, Varun believes a lot of clutter and outmoded investment techniques can be optimized and reworked and improved, to make for a better and more accountable system competing directly with an alternative investment channel to keep things fresh. Providing safer, more autonomous currency options by producing it renewably is his key objective. Varun is a disruptor, a path breaking and unconventional visionary who wants to push the boundaries of what’s possible and challenge what’s old and traditional for a new way of doing things, a better way.