Hi, I'm Varun Datta

Varun Datta looks to revolutionize the world of bitcoin

Varun Datta has his eyes set on revolutionising the world of bitcoin as well as the energy market. [...]


Waste to energy can turn India into a global powerhouse - Varun Datta

Some businesses are built to make money, and at the same time, making the world a place to live in. This is the belief of Varun Datta, who is an Indian-expat in the UK and the visionary behind 4NEW LTD. [...]

Importance of Waste in an Urban Society

Cities worldwide are generating more than 1.3 billion tons of solid waste every year. As bustling sectors of economic activity combined with the influx of rural migrants every year, cities are expected to witness the number swell [...]

Indian expat secures two UK power plants that produce electricity for cryptocurrency

Indian expat Varun Datta’s block-chain based energy plant, 4NEW, has secured two operational Waste to Energy power plants in the United Kingdom. [...]

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