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A different approach to crypto mining

Bitcoin has been known to consume as much energy annually as Nigeria. What makes Bitcoin and Ethereum function is when the network of computers repeatedly agrees to what Blockchain says is true. This process is called mining. During the process, in order to make sure users aren’t spending the coins illegitimately, a new list of transactions are added which are known as blocks. But it’s really the security feature which consumes the most power. Read More

Bitcoin 2018

Green cryptocurrency is set to rise in 2018 because it will incentivize innovation, sustainability, and environmentally conscious purchases and counter the problem of non-renewable resources. It seems likely that the major industries will start incorporating blockchains as a centralized, reliable data pool that is comparable and transparent and safe. Etherium, which already does this by not only providing a platform for payments, but also processes is gaining a lot of interest and savvy from companies like BP, Microsoft and UBS. Read More

Bitcoin waste to renewable

The Bitcoin production is going through a rough phase. Blockchain— which is the authentication process for verifying Bitcoin transactions requires tremendous amounts of computing power. This is done to deter fraudsters and keep the Bitcoin transactions safe and convenient but the amount of power being consumed for it is a jaw-dropping waste. Read More